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Walking the Ethical Tightrope

Leadership Education Challenges & Opportunities in the Age of AI

Day: 7 November 2024
Time: 9:00 – 16:30
Price: $100
Location: Hilton Chicago Downtown
Facilitators: Kevin Bottomley, Dan Jenkins, Mary Tabata, Cristina Wildermuth

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Full Description

This workshop will explore the delicate balance between ethical dilemmas and transformative opportunities presented by AI in leadership education. Our session invites leadership educators to engage in a hands-on exploration of AI’s multifaceted role, focusing on scaffolding student learning, instilling robust ethical standards, fostering critical thinking, promoting creativity, and developing source verification skills. This workshop will offer a platform for sharing best practices, overcoming challenges, and seizing the opportunities that AI presents in shaping future leaders. 

Learning Objectives / Goals 

  1. Strategies for integrating AI into leadership education while maintaining a focus on ethics. 
  2. Using AI to help professors develop experiential exercises (e.g., role plays) and case studies that help explore AI’s ethical challenges 
  3. Using AI to create a class-wide ChatGPT 
  4. Techniques for scaffolding and empowering students in the ethical use of AI. 
  5. Enhancing critical thinking and creativity skills in an AI-driven educational landscape. 
  6. Practical exercises for teaching students to verify sources using AI. 
  7. Developing class, departmental, and institutional policies to encourage the ethical use of AI.


Doors open at 8:30 

Learning starts at 9:00 

9:00 – 10:30

  • Introduction to Generative AI (1) 
  • Intro of your facilitators 
  • Icebreakers   
  • Generative AI brainstorming – what is it? how  do you use it? 
  • Who is missing in the equation of Generative AI?  

10:30 – 10:45: Break
Coffee/Tea served 

10:45 – 12:15

  • Using AI to develop class activities (new # 2 (old 2 & 3 combined) 
  • CASE studies – using the AI to “solve/resolve” the cases that colleagues have brought   
  • What needs to happen for Data Literacy? 
  • Ethics – using AI / teaching critical consumer skills for pedagogy (4 & 5) 
  • Scaffolding (4 & 5) 
  • Introduction of lit review/references generated or “improved” by AI (5 & 6) 

12:15 – 13:15: Lunch on your own

  • Class, departmental, and institutional policies to encourage the ethical use of AI (7) 
  • Start collection of Best Practices – flip chart papers / World Cafe 
  • Check-in after lunch – need more of … 

13:15 – 14:45 

  • Using AI to create a class-wide ChatGPT (4)  
  • Role Play – Using AI to create short persuasive arguments for dialogue ( 5 & 6) 

14:45 – 15:00: Break 
Coffee/Tea & Light Snacks served 

15:00 – 16:30 

  • Report Out from Tables on policy work (7) 
  • Class, departmental, and institutional policies to encourage the ethical use of AI 
  • AI policy guidelines – table share / who is doing what? Report out 
  • Wrap up 30-min 


Dr. Kevin Bottomley serves as Associate Dean for Graduate and PhD Programs in the College of Business and Assistant Professor of the PhD in Global Leadership program at Indiana Tech. He holds a PhD in Leadership Studies from North Carolina A&T State University, a Master’s in Public Affairs with a concentration in Nonprofit Management from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and is a Certified Diversity Executive. He spent over 25 years in the nonprofit sector, over 20 years doing corporate training on a national basis, and 15 years teaching in higher education, where he is currently a       full-time faculty member in The Witte Family PhD Program in Global Leadership. This presenter has obtained the following AI-related training and certifications: AI Governance, PrivacyOps, AI Ethics, ACUE Empowering Students to Use AI Responsibly, ACUE Writing Effective AI Prompts, ACUE Teaching with    AI-Centered and AI-Resistant Learning Experiences, and ACUE Leveraging AI to Develop Course Resources. Additionally, he has worked with doctoral students on dissertation committees in the AI/ML and VLE space. Dr. Bottomley was a panelist at the ILA conference in Vancouver, CA, with the topic AI,  Leadership, and Ethics; he has published and presented at other national and international conferences.

Dan Jenkins, Ph.D., is Professor of Leadership & Organizational Studies at the University of Southern Maine. He received his doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in Higher Education Administration from the University of South Florida. Dan is co-author of The Role of Leadership Educators: Transforming Learning and has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on leadership education. As an award-winning international speaker and facilitator, Dan has engaged thousands of leadership educators, students, and professionals on topics such as leadership pedagogy, followership, artificial intelligence, and curriculum and course design. Additionally, Dan is a past Chair of the ILA Leadership Education Member Community, Co-Founder of the ILA Leadership Education Academy, Vice-Chair of the Collegiate Leadership Competition, Co-Lead of the Association of Leadership Educators Teaching & Pedagogy/Andragogy Focus Area Network, Associate Editor of the Journal of Leadership Studies, and co-host of  The Leadership Educator Podcast.  

Mary Tabata

Dr. Mary Tabata is a teaching academic and transformational coach. She holds a PhD in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University and an MBA with a concentration in Leadership and Change Management from Pepperdine University. Her areas of interest are authentic leadership and team performance, and authentic leadership and leadership development. Her interest in AI and ethics originate from many years working around technology innovation and ethics, including AI in education and its applications to healthcare and human-machine interaction, and AI’s influence on coaching, leadership training, leader development, and AI and spirituality 

Dr. Cristina (Cris) de Mello e Souza Wildermuth is an Associate Professor at Barry University and the Director of Barry’s Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership. She teaches undergraduate and graduate leadership, ethics, diversity, and human resource development courses. Dr. Wildermuth holds a Master’s in Technology Education/Training and Development and a Doctorate in Leadership Studies from Bowling Green State University, with a dissertation on employee engagement and personality. She is the chair of LinkedIn’s 1M+ group for HR professionals, Linked:HR, and a member of the International Leadership Association’s Leadership Academy facilitation team. Her main research areas include leadership education, ethics, and international and intercultural relations. Dr. Wildermuth’s upcoming book, Against All Odds: Leadership and the Handmaid’s Tale, will be published by Emerald in August 2024.