Why You Should Attend ILA's Global Conference

ILA’s Global Conference is the world’s largest cross-sector gathering of leaders and leadership professionals.  Here’s why you don’t want to miss it!

  1. Best-in-class programming – Choose from 100s of presentations including deep-dive workshops, thought-provoking panels, interactive roundtables, and presentations from global presenters – spanning 15 streams and specialties.  You may also choose to attend pre- and post- conference sessions.
  2. Inspiring speakers – Engage with top leaders and thinkers to discuss complex, pressing leadership issues and discover essential tools and strategies to boost your leadership research and practice.
  3. Unmatched networking – Connect with attendees from around the globe who share your passion for developing leadership and leaders for a just and thriving future.
  4. Fun experiences – Take a break from your busy schedule to pause, learn, and recharge! Vancouver is a great place to visit and is home to great food, art, cultural attractions, and much more.

Why Your Peers Love This Conference!

“I’ve been a part of ILA for over 20 years and have loved it. Every year, I bring 15-20 graduate students to ILA’s Global Conference as part of a course I teach. The students always walk away with so much! It’s an incredible experience for new leadership scholars and practitioners and I highly recommend the conference to all of my leadership colleagues! ” 

— Cheryl Getz, Associate Professor, Director Leadership Minor, Department of Leadership Studies, University of San Diego

“Why the ILA? That’s easy. It’s an opportunity to bridge theory and practice and as a CEO, that’s incredibly important so I get evidence-based models for leader development and organizational change. At the ILA Global Conference, I learn about current research trends and how practitioners are handling today’s challenges.” 

— John Heiser, Founder & CEO, TRG Management Solutions, LLC

“As an entrepreneur from the Middle East, connecting with a global network of women leaders, both academic and from the business sector, is really helpful and empowering. The ILA Global conference helps me upgrade my skills as a leader, face the challenges that I have, and look for other opportunities outside my region. We all have the same challenges around the world and talking to reach other and sharing experience is important.” 

— Hadeel Mustafa Anabtawi, Founder & CEO, The Alchemist Lab

“When we come here, we don’t hear ordinary research or ordinary ideas. We hear big ideas. We are presented with ideas that will make a difference in the world.”  

— Jean Lipman-Blumen, Co-founder, Connective Leadership Institute

“This conference was by far the BEST CONFERENCE I HAVE EVER ATTENDED in my 20+ years of professional activity. THANK YOU!” 

— Past ILA Global Conference Attendee

“ILA is a fantastic environment to understand the nature and practice of leadership because of the diversity of its membership. Leadership is not just theory. It’s not just practice. It’s a deep interplay between the two. And for that you need scholars, practitioners, and the folk who seek to educate the next generation of leaders.”   

— Sam Wilson, Associate Professor, Management, Swinburne Business School, Swinburne University of Technology

“The thing I love about the ILA conference is – a lot of leadership conferences are really management conferences, and what I really appreciate about the ILA approach is it is more thoughtful, even philosophical, about work as a human endeavor and the creative and ethical questions that arise from that fact.”  

— Margaret Heffernan, Best-Selling Author & Speaker, Professor of Practice, University of Bath; Lead Faculty, Responsible Leadership Programme, Forward Institute; CEO Mentor & Coach, Merryck & Co