Why You Should Attend ILA's Global Conference

Benefits of Attending

Choose From 100s of Sessions

Interactive workshops, thought-provoking panels, and numerous presentations from global presenters will be available online and in person in Vancouver, Canada.

Expand Your Professional Connections

Special networking activities include member community events, receptions, coffee breaks, and more. Discover new colleagues who share your commitment to leadership.

Engage With Top Leaders and Thinkers

ILA's signature bridging of theory and practice brings together top leaders and thinkers to discuss complex, pressing leadership issues.

Access Streams & Specialties

Explore topics organized around 12+ streams including Business, Development, Education, Peace, Healthcare, Indigenous and First Nations, Women, and more.

Join Us at the Conference

The Heart of the Conference

Why Your Peers Love This Conference!

Why Your Peers Love This Conference!

“When we come here, we don’t hear ordinary research or ordinary ideas. We hear big ideas. We are presented with ideas that will make a difference in the world.”  

— Jean Lipman-Blumen, Co-founder, Connective Leadership Institute

“This conference was by far the BEST CONFERENCE I HAVE EVER ATTENDED in my 20+ years of professional activity. THANK YOU!” 

— Past ILA Global Conference Attendee

“ILA is a fantastic environment to understand the nature and practice of leadership because of the diversity of its membership. Leadership is not just theory. It’s not just practice. It’s a deep interplay between the two. And for that you need scholars, practitioners, and the folk who seek to educate the next generation of leaders.”   

— Sam Wilson, Associate Professor, Management, Swinburne Business School, Swinburne University of Technology

“The thing I love about the ILA conference is – a lot of leadership conferences are really management conferences, and what I really appreciate about the ILA approach is it is more thoughtful, even philosophical, about work as a human endeavor and the creative and ethical questions that arise from that fact.”  

— Margaret Heffernan, Best-Selling Author & Speaker, Professor of Practice, University of Bath; Lead Faculty, Responsible Leadership Programme, Forward Institute; CEO Mentor & Coach, Merryck & Co

“I’ve been a part of ILA for over 20 years and have loved it. Every year, I bring 15-20 graduate students to ILA’s Global Conference as part of a course I teach. The students always walk away with so much! It’s an incredible experience for new leadership scholars and practitioners and I highly recommend the conference to all of my leadership colleagues! ” 

— Cheryl Getz, Associate Professor, Director Leadership Minor, Department of Leadership Studies, University of San Diego

“Why the ILA? That’s easy. It’s an opportunity to bridge theory and practice and as a CEO, that’s incredibly important so I get evidence-based models for leader development and organizational change. At the ILA Global Conference, I learn about current research trends and how practitioners are handling today’s challenges.” 

— John Heiser, Founder & CEO, TRG Management Solutions, LLC

“As an entrepreneur from the Middle East, connecting with a global network of women leaders, both academic and from the business sector, is really helpful and empowering. The ILA Global conference helps me upgrade my skills as a leader, face the challenges that I have, and look for other opportunities outside my region. We all have the same challenges around the world and talking to reach other and sharing experience is important.” 

— Hadeel Mustafa Anabtawi, Founder & CEO, The Alchemist Lab