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Let’s Reimagine Leadership Development, Together – leadership development for an unpredictable and sustainable future!

When: Thursday, 21 October | 17:45 – 18:45
Where: International Conference Centre Geneva (CICG), Floor: Level 0, B
Speakers: Panos Moumtzis, Joel Nielsen, Christina Orisich, Donato Kiniger Passigli, Marian Plasschaert, and Ingrid Richter
Description: Obviously, reflecting on one leadership practice supports learning but what might be the future role of leadership development initiatives? What are the thematic and methodological shifts that leadership professional experience? And as the understanding of what leadership means and who can lead expands, what might this mean for those professionals. Join us for a fishbowl style of facilitated conversation among leadership development professionals who are asked 1 – 2 initial questions by a led facilitator. This will be followed by questions, discussions, and interaction with the audience before a 2nd round of questions to the leadership development professionals.

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Global Leadership in Higher Education

When: Friday, 22 October | 14:30 – 16:00
Where: International Conference Centre Geneva (CICG), Floor: Level 0, B
Speakers: Rama Mani, Donato Kiniger-Passigli, Remus Pricopie, Peter Schlosser, and Alberto Zucconi; Amanda Natalie Ellis (Moderator)
Description: Institutions such as the World Academy of Art & Science (WAAS) which are cognizant of the global leadership vacuum evidenced by the Afghanistan debacle and humanitarian crisis cannot afford to remain passive or silent before this latest challenge. The planetary repercussions of current events forbid it.

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Unleashing the Sustainable Business – Why Purpose Is Fast Becoming the Future of Business and Is Not Just a Fad!

When: Saturday, 23 October | 08:45 – 10:15 & 10:30 – 11:45
Where: International Conference Centre Geneva (CICG), Floor: Level -1, Room 1
Speakers: Victoria Hurth and Gillian Secrett
Description: Join leaders from the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership in this special double-session on how sustainable purpose is transforming the context for organizations and leadership. How can leaders show up purposefully in your organization? How can leadership development grow needed capacities? Finally, how do we measure success?

Note: This spotlight session is part of ILA's 2021 Power of Purpose Series. The series started with a virtual summit in April and concludes with another virtual summit in November.

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Europe — A Perspective on DEI — Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

When: Saturday, 23 October | 10:30 – 11:45
Where: International Conference Centre Geneva (CICG), Floor: Level 0, Room B
Speakers: Louise Carvalho, Gamiel Yafai, and Nadia Younes
Description: Three experienced professionals committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) will discuss, debate, and dialogue about what leaders in Europe and elsewhere could do to ensure DEI is reflected in leadership styles and workplace processes. The panellists will share their ideas and experience on, for example, the relevance of and the business case for DEI at work. The session aims to equip you with additional knowledge and tools to embed in your working practices, whatever your area of specialization or industry.  The DEI field in Europe is as challenging as it is dynamic; so join us to hear more and contribute to the dialogue. 

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How Can We Evolve a Flourishing World Nourished by Scientific, Artistic, Entrepreneurial, & Indigenous Voices?

When: Sunday, 24 October | 19:15 – 20:45
Where: Online, Room 6
Speakers: Melanie Goodchild, Subhanu Saxena, Kathryn Goldman Schuyler, David Peter Stroh, Éliane Ubalijoro, and Darcy Winslow
Description: In attempting to master the forces of nature through science and industrialization, Western nations succeeded in colonizing much of the globe, creating what we know as modern post-industrial society, with its complexity, productivity, pain, exclusion of many, and possible destruction of life as we know it through climate change. The highly experienced panelists will each address the overarching question from their own practical experience working in areas relevant to generating such a flourishing world.

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Women Entrepreneurs Powering Positive Change: WE Empower UN SDG Challenge Global Awardees 2021

When: Monday, 25 October | 14:00 – 15:30
Where: Online, Room 1
Speakers: Olufunto Boroffice, Nidhi Pant, Sara Saeed, Panmela Castro, and Aline Sara
Description: The ILA is a support partner for the WE Empower UN SDG Challenge, which promotes and supports the work of outstanding women entrepreneurial leaders across all 193 United Nations member countries. WE Empower was launched in 2018 at UNGA by the UN Secretary General, the President of the World Bank and the Council of Women World Leaders. ILA provides leadership mentoring and coaching for awardees. Meet the 2021 awardees from Nigeria, Pakistan, Brazil, the US and India and hear their leadership journeys running for purpose as well as for profit enterprises. 

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