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Strengthening Ties Between Healthcare and Leadership

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When: 12 October 2023 | 7:30 – 16:30
Where: Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
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Full Description

The International Leadership Association’s Healthcare Leadership Conference focuses on the evidence-informed capabilities leaders need to effectively steward health systems. This one-day interactive meeting is designed for anyone interested in enhancing leadership in healthcare, including learners, patients, practitioners, educators. It takes place on October 12th prior to the start of ILA’s in-person Global Conference in Vancouver. 

Healthcare today demands new and expanded leadership capacity to address health and healthcare challenges across the globe. This oneday “think tank” will enable health leaders—from different countries with diverse perspectives, roles, and responsibilitiesto collaborate and share ideas about how to address those challenges and maximize the opportunities. The program will be highly interactive, utilizing panel discussions, breakout groups, and small group dialogues designed to prompt deep and thoughtful exchange. As leaders, we need to seek ways to mobilize every person who is interested in healthcare to engage with these challenges.  

After the event concludes, participants are encouraged to attend ILA’s 25th anniversary Global Conference. The Global Conference has a Healthcare Leadership stream and the conference, as a whole, provides the opportunity for attendees to interact with global leaders and leadership professionals from a wide multitude of professions and sectors. 

As a participant, looking at healthcare from a global perspective, we hope that you will become better equipped to improve the health of yourself, your teams, organizations and the systems in which you work, by utilizing a leadership lens dedicated to solving the challenges of the 21st Century. 

Featured Speakers

Vijay Agarwal

Vijay Agarwal

Consortium of Accredited Health Organizations (CAHO) (India)

Kirsten Armit

Kirsten Armit

Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (UK)

Lorena Cifuentes

Lorena Cifuentes

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Chile)

Carsten Engel

Carsten Engel

International Society for Quality in Health Care (Ireland)

Chief Colleen Marion Erickson

Chief Colleen Marion Erickson

First Nations Health Authority in BC (Canada)

Leila Gillis

Leila Gillis

 Indigenous Services Canada (Canada)

Maria Judd

Healthcare Excellence Canada (Canada)

Cameron Stockdale

Cameron Stockdale

Work Wellness Institute  (Canada)


Thursday 12 October

7:30 — 8:15

Breakfast, Sponsored by Mental Health Commission of Canada  

Strengthening Ties Between Healthcare Leadership and Mental Health
Ed Mantler, RPN, MSA, Vice-President, Programs and Priorities, Mental Health Commission of Canada 

Mental Health Commission of Canada Logo
8:15 — 8:45

Meet & Greet

Introduce yourself to other participants, expand your network, and get excited for the day ahead! 

8:45 9:15 

Welcome, Acknowledgement of Sponsors, Opening Session 

Moderator: Bill Tholl, Order of Canada; Senior Advisor, Canadian Health Leadership Network

Welcome & Conference Overview  
Graham Dickson, PhD & Suzanna Fitzpatrick, DNP, Chairs, ILA Healthcare & Leadership Conference Planning Committee

Ceremonial Indigenous Welcome 
Elder Doris Fox, Musqueam First Nations

Welcome, on Behalf of CHLNet
Kathy MacNeil, MA, ICD.D, CEO of Island Health, BC Canada

Overview of the Day
Bill Tholl

9:15 10:00 

Session 1, Distinguished Panel

Emergent Challenges in Health System Reform—Part 1
Chair: Betty Mutwiri, PhD (c), CEO, BM Leadership Coaching & Consulting Inc
Colleen Marion Erickson, M Ed, Board Chair, First Nations Health Authority in BC
Kirsten Armit, PhD (c), Director of Research at the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (UK)
Leila Gillis RN MN; Fellow Canadian Academy of Nursing(FCAN); Senior Director and Deputy Chief Nursing Officer, Indigenous Services Canada
Shaleen Jones, Executive Director, Eating Disorders Nova Scotia; Member, Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Lived and Living Experience Council

Panelists will address key challenges and opportunities for leaders in healthcare today and respond to the question: Why do you believe, or have evidence for, that high quality leadership is needed for system performance and transformation?

10:00 10:45 

Session 1, Fishbowl

Emergent Challenges in Health System Reform—Part 2 
Moderator: Stephen Samis, MA, President, Samis Health Policy Consulting Inc.; Senior Policy Advisor to the Canadian Health Leadership Network
Moderator: Deanne Taylor, MDCS, PhD, Senior Research Advisor, CHLNet; Scientific Director, Rural Coordination Centre of BC; Corporate Director, Research, Interior Health
Moderator: Mamta Gautam, MD, MBA, President and CEO Peak MD; Representative, LEADS Global 
Moderator: Anurag Saxena, MD, Med, MBA, Associate Dean, University of Saskatchewan; Representative, LEADS Global

Panelists from Part 1 will engage in dialogue with participants through this circle activity.

10:45 11:00 


11:00 12:15 

Session 2, Café Courtyard

What Leadership Do We Need to Address These Challenges? 
Moderator: Neil Grunberg, PhD, MA, MPhil, Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Table Facilitator: Phil Cady, DSocSc, Royal Roads University; President and Founder, CLS West 
Table Facilitator: John Van Aerde, MD, PhD, Canadian Society of Physician Leaders
Table Facilitator: Erin Barry, PhD (c), MS, Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Table Facilitator: Cheryl Heykoop, DSocSci, Associate Professor and Program Head, MA Leadership Health Specialization, Royal Roads University
Table Facilitator: Sandra Ramelli, MBA, Vice-President, People and Strategy, St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Interactive activity for all participants in which they move to four different tables to provide input on a table question relative to the topic of: What leadership Do We Need? 

12:15 13:45 

Lunch, Sponsored by the Workplace Wellness Institute. Vancouver, BC Canada

Luncheon Speaker: Right Honourable Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of Canada

Work Wellness Institute Logo

13:45 14:45 

Session 3, Talk Show

Strengthening Ties Between Scholarship, Education, and Practice — How Do We Facilitate This Happening? A Way Forward 
Talk Show Host: Nicholas Watters, MBA, Director Access to Quality Mental Health Services, Mental Health Commission of Canada
Talk Show Host: Ming-Ka Chan, MD, MHPE, FRCPC, Professor (Associate), University of Manitoba 
Guest: Lorena Cifuentes, MD, Dean of Postgraduate Medical Education, School of Medicine, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (sponsored by Royal College International)
Guest: Tiffany Jordan, MHEA, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine, Hofstra/Northwell, USA
Guest: Ivy Bourgeault, PhD, uOttawa Research Chair on Gender, Diversity and the Professions; Canadian Health Workforce Network
Guest: Cameron Stockdale, EdD, LLM, Chief Executive Officer, Work Wellness Institute (a conference sponsor), Vancouver BC

In this session, speakers will address the following question while focusing on workplace psychological health: How do we — practitioners and researchers/educators — work better together to accelerate 21st century leadership/learning practices to improve health system performance and advance transformation?  

14:45 15:00 


15:00 16:15 

Session 4, Distinguished Panel

Healthcare Leadership and Quality Improvement (EDI Perspective/Lens)
Moderator: Anne Matlow, MSc, MD, FRCPC, CEC, Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, University of Toronto; Representative, LEADS Global
Moderator: Arun Garg, MD, PhD, Medical Director South Asian Health Inst Fraser health along with CINS (Canada India Network Society)
Carsten Engel, MD, CEO, International Society for Quality in Health Care
Maria Judd, MECM, Vice-President, Strategic Initiatives & Programs, Healthcare Excellence Canada
Vijay Agarwal, MD, President and CEO, Consortium of Accredited Health Organizations (CAHO) India
Ramneek Dosanjh, MD, Family Physician, Hospitalist, and Child and Youth Mental Health Advocate in Lower Mainland, British Columbia; Former President, Doctors BC

This session is dedicated to understanding the leadership perspectives and actions that need to be taken on the global, national, and local levels to ensure that quality and safety—from the perspective of satisfying social justice needs—i.e., equity, diversity and inclusion—are met.

16:15 16:30 

Closing & Next Steps

Where to From Here? Health Leadership as a Global Challenge 
Graham Dickson, PhD & Suzanna Fitzpatrick, DNP, Chairs, ILA Healthcare & Leadership Conference Planning Committee; Members, ILA Global Conference Planning Committee

Up Next! Take advantage of ILA Global Conference, particularly presentations in the Healthcare Leadership stream! 

Featured Speaker Bios

Vijay Agarwal, MD, President and CEO, Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (CAHO) 

Dr. Vijay Agarwal, a crusader for continual quality improvement in healthcare, has a vision to raise the bar of Indian healthcare organizations to match global standards, through CAHO, which is a national body of repute for promoting patient safety, healthcare quality protocols, and accreditation. 

He was instrumental in the country adopting pulse polio strategy for polio eradication, and he also played a key role in shaping the Bio Medical Waste Management Scheme in Delhi. 

He was a member of the ISRO Health Quest Project, a unique collaboration between space scientists and healthcare professionals to take the country closer to the goal of “error-free” healthcare. 

He is a post-graduate in paediatrics from the Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. He commenced his professional career in 1973 and has, over the decades, earned a sterling reputation as a paediatrician and has been recognized by IMA as Hon. Professor. 

Kirsten Armit is the Director of Research at the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM). She is responsible for developing and delivering FMLMs research strategy. Her work involves the promotion and dissemination of research insights, contributing to and collaborating on healthcare leadership research, and developing FMLMs academic and practitioner networks and partnerships. Kirsten is a PhD (Management) candidate at Bayes Business School, City, University of London.

Kirsten started her career in health service management in Australia and since moving to the United Kingdom has been involved in national organisations focused on improving healthcare leadership. Kirsten was involved in the project to develop FMLM, was the founding manager and has held many leadership roles since its inception. She has led on a wide range of initiatives to support members and fellows, including producing the professional leadership standards (1st edition), establishing membership and fellowship, and creating products and services such as the FMLM360. She has co-created a portfolio of leadership development programmes and support to serve individuals, teams and organisations. Kirsten has also been responsible for developing FMLMs first research strategy and has led a range of projects in collaboration with professional and academic colleagues.

Kirsten is an Associate Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Service Management (ACHSM) and holds Fellowship ad hominem of FMLM. She is qualified in several leadership psychometrics and approaches and contributes to the education and training of postgraduate students.

Dr. Lorena Cifuentes is the Postgraduate Director at the School of Medicine, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile since September 2019. She has been in charge of all the postgraduate activities throughout the pandemic. She is a pediatrician, with a Diploma in Clinical Teaching. From the beginning of her academic life, after her residency in Pediatrics, Dr. Cifuentes has been involved in residency training. She was a member of the Pediatric Residency Program Committee between 2000 and 2019, with a special participation in the development of a research program for the residents. Dr. Cifuentes has also been a member of the PGME Committee from 2008 to 2010, and from 2014 onwards. During the first period, she was in charge of the development and implementation of the first global assessment methodology for all the residency programs in PUC. She was the first Associate Director for the Master Programs at the School of Medicine between 2014 and 2019, participating in the development of 3 of the 7 existing programs and in several national accreditation processes. Her other field of expertise is evidence-based medicine, being an active teacher for postgraduate students and faculties.

Carsten Engel, MD, CEO, International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) 

Dr. Carsten Engel joined the International Society for Quality in Health Care (IS Qua) as CEO on the 1st of May 2021. He has 18 years of experience in quality improvement, preceded by 19 years of clinical frontline service and clinical management. From 2006-2021 he worked with IKAS, the Danish Institute for Quality and Accreditation in Health Care, and, since 2010, as Deputy Chief Executive. There he was a leading member of the team that developed and implemented the Danish Healthcare Quality Programme, a series of accreditation projects that have performed over 6000 accreditations, reaching all providers in almost all sectors of Danish healthcare. Carsten obtained a M.Sc. in Physics and Chemistry from the University of Copenhagen 1977 and graduated as a physician 1984; he holds specialist recognition as an anaesthesiologist. 

Marion Colleen Erickson is a Dakelh grandmother (Ut’soo) from the Nak’azdli community and a member of the Lasilyu (Frog) Clan. An active community member who participates in the balhats (potlatch) system, she believes that cultural identity is the foundation of health and wellness, and is committed to improving the health and wellness of First Nations. 

A former two-term Chief of Saik’uz First Nation, Colleen is a recognized community leader and veteran member of the RCMP. She currently teaches part-time at her local college, focusing mostly on Aboriginal Studies.

Colleen has a Master’s degree in Education, with a special focus on the traditional philosophies of Carrier teachings. 

Colleen’s past board experience includes roles within local government, Elder society and business and she has held numerous school district appointments. She brings a wealth of negotiation, financial administration, mediation and leadership skills to the FNHA board, as well as extensive cultural and traditional knowledge.

Leila Gillis RN MN FCAN has been a Registered Nurse for 33 years and is a Canadian career federal public servant, currently serving as Indigenous Services Canada’s Deputy Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Director of Primary Care Services. In her Deputy CNO role, she is responsible to perform many key leadership functions in the national department including union – management negotiations, occupational health and safety and recruitment and retention for a national nursing workforce of nearly 900 nurses. She has a personal and professional commitment to the Indigenous reconciliation agenda including, the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, specifically number 22, 23 and 24. Gillis regularly works across health jurisdictions collaborating with provincial, national and international nursing organizations and has significant experience at all of these levels having participated in numerous task forces and professional collaborations. As a volunteer, she was elected to a one year term in the 2022 Canadian Nurses Association Board of Director elections and serves on the Editorial Advisory Committee of the Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership. Gillis was named as a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Nursing in 2021.

Maria Judd leads Healthcare Excellence Canada to accelerate change, working closely with colleagues and partners to shape the organization’s long-term strategy and identify and deliver new initiatives. Her portfolio includes cross cutting priority areas such as patient partnerships and Indigenous health.

A physiotherapist and epidemiologist by background, and NHS Quality and Safety Fellow, Maria brings a passion for healthcare improvement, and a patient-first perspective, that has evolved from her diverse roles within the health system as a community health centre board member, clinician, program manager and researcher. She was previously CFHI’s Vice-President, Programs. In this capacity, Maria played a key role in CFHI’s evolution, including strategic planning, partnership development and the creation and implementation of new programs. 

Cameron Stockdale, Ed.D, LLM, MA, President & CEO Work Wellness Institute (Conference Sponsor); Senior Associate Faculty, City University of Seattle 

Dr. Cameron Stockdale is a leader, researcher, and change-maker recognized for his contributions to the fields of law, innovation, leadership and organizational behavior. Drawing on his background as a former paramedic, Dr. Stockdale brings a unique perspective to his work. With an academic background and a passion for making a positive impact, Dr. Stockdale’s work seeks to be a driving force transforming organizations and progress across multiple sectors.

Armed with a Master of Laws related to Innovation and Technology (Edinburgh), a Master of Arts in Leadership (Guelph), a Post-Graduate Certificate in Organizational Behavior (Harvard Ext.), and a Doctor of Education in Interdisciplinary Leadership (Creighton), Dr. Stockdale possesses a unique and diverse skill set that positions him at the forefront of innovation and change.

As the CEO of the Work Wellness Institute, Dr. Stockdale spearheads groundbreaking research endeavors in workplace health and wellness. Through his leadership, the organization bridges the gap between academia and industry, harnessing cutting-edge research findings to develop resources and programs that empower employers in fostering healthy and thriving work environments.

Dr. Stockdale holds an academic appointment as Senior Associate Professor at City University of Seattle, sits on various nonprofit Board of Directors and is sought-after speaker because of his thought-provoking guidance to practitioners seeking to navigate complex challenges and actionable strategies for effecting meaningful change.

Leigh Chapman, RN PhD, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), Health Canada

Dr. Leigh Chapman is committed to advancing the nursing profession in Canada to ensure equitable access to quality care. As CNO for Canada, she provides strategic advice to Health Canada, plays a convening role on key nursing issues, and represents the Federal Government at public forums.

Leigh is a registered nurse (RN) who received her PhD from the University of Toronto’s Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. Over the past 20 years, she has gained a deep understanding of nursing by working in both frontline and clinical leadership capacities. In addition to her role as CNO for Canada, Leigh continues to work at a community-based consumption and treatment site in Toronto, where she provides harm reduction services and frontline care.

Leigh Chapman, inf. aut., Ph. D., Infirmière en chef (IC), Santé Canada

Leigh Chapman tient à l’avancement de la profession infirmière au Canada pour assurer un accès équitable à des soins de qualité. En tant qu’IC pour le Canada, elle fournit des conseils stratégiques à Santé Canada, joue un rôle rassembleur sur les enjeux en soins infirmiers et représente le gouvernement fédéral dans les forums publics.

Leigh est une infirmière autorisée qui a obtenu son doctorat à la Faculté des sciences infirmières Lawrence S. Bloomberg de l’Université de Toronto. Au cours des 20 dernières années, elle a acquis une connaissance approfondie des soins infirmiers en occupant des postes de première ligne et de leadership clinique. En plus de son rôle d’IC pour le Canada, Leigh continue de travailler dans un site communautaire de consommation et de traitement à Toronto, où elle fournit des services de réduction des méfaits et des soins de première ligne.

Conference Hosts & Planning Committee

The International Leadership Association’s Healthcare Leadership member community is pleased to be organizing and hosting this event. ILA’s Healthcare Leadership member community involves, serves, and brings together leadership educators, practitioners, consultants, administrators, and scholars from all healthcare-related settings. We provide opportunities to share philosophies, conceptual approaches, curricula, programs, experiences, assessments, and scholarship to optimize healthcare leadership and followership. 

We invite you to join the community by becoming a member of the ILA and selecting Healthcare Leadership as one of your member communities.  Celebrating its 25th year, the ILA is the professional home of a global community of leaders and leadership researchers, educators, and development specialists who believe that leadership is the key to a just and thriving future for all people. For 25 years, the ILA has advanced the study and practice of leadership by creating opportunities for members to connect and engage with one another to explore innovative ideas, create new resources, and multiply our collective impact.

Conference Planning Committee

Co-Chair: Graham Dickson, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, School of Leadership Studies, Royal Roads University; CEO, LEADS Global

Co-Chair: Suzanna Fitzpatrick, DNP, Acute Care and Family Practice Nurse Practitioner, University of Maryland Medical Center

Co-Chair: Ming-Ka Chan, MD, MHPE, FRCPC, Professor (Associate), University of Manitoba

Neil Grunberg, PhD, MA, MPhil, Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

Tiffany Jordan, MHEA, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine, Hofstra/Northwell, USA

Betty Mutwiri, PhD (c), CEO, BM Leadership Coaching & Consulting Inc

Cameron Stockdale, EdD, LLM, Chief Executive Officer, Work Wellness Institute, Vancouver BC