Emersion Session

Deepen Your Impact: Lead From Your Voice

When: Thursday, 13 October | 09:00 – 12:00
Where: Various locations in Washington, DC
Facilitators: Julia Karpeisky, JMK COACHING; Nancy Sanchez, BFA Dance
Maximum Number of Registrants: 15

TICKET PRICES: $40 ILA Member | $54 Non-Member

This Emersion Session is for leaders who wish to make a contribution that only they can make, and are open to new ways of engaging with the world that are required to become truly authentic leaders (1). We use our signature MARC method, which involves Movement, Art, Reflection and Community to create an experience from which people emerge inspired, liberated, and confident. Participants learn to integrate intuition and logic in making purpose-driven decisions, practice voice techniques used by professional actors, and discover where their impact is most needed.

Full Description

“Yesterday, I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today, I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Rumi

The purpose of this Emersion Session is to co-create an experience where we change ourselves so that we could change world.  We engage our signature MARC method (Movement, Art, Reflection and Community) set in the background of nature to create a joyful and memorable experience. The facilitators provide the outline of our joint art piece, and the attendees give it texture and color.

We provide the fertile ground in which participants could grow their leadership competencies – the competencies of leading from a place of purpose as opposed to desire to be approved. The competencies of courage and commitment to acting in spite of fear. People emerge from this experience being able to learn and apply many leadership tools much more effectively. For example, you could learn public speaking tools, but if deep inside you don’t believe in the value of what you have to say, the tools will not help you sound convincing. Using Bob Anderson’s terminology, participants will upgrade their “operating systems”, to the one that could generate wisdom in times of crisis. Past participants who were transformed by this program included C-suite leaders, retired executives, business owners and graduate students.

We’ll start at historic Foundry building in Georgetown and use the C&O Canal, Potomac river, art installations, and the labyrinth to create the desired experience.

Workshop Outline (Scene by Scene)

(1) Ground Rules and Tools for Self Management:Purpose: to create a safe space; to share practices for managing one’s energy.Location: Presenter’s office in Georgetown, where we will gather on the outdoor patio. We’ll have a room where we could leave our belongings.

(2) A Guided Walk with Stretching/Yoga:Purpose: move the body, improve body awareness, continue to create trust with one another; engage with self, others, and nature.Location/format: Participants walk in pairs/triads and switch partners every 5 min. Participants  are invited to discuss conditions that support them in having access to their own wisdom.

(3) Street Performance of the VOICEPurpose: In the words of the poet David Whyte, “Poetry is the language against which there is no defense.” The purpose of this segment is to melt the defenses the participants may have that guard their wisdom.Content/Format: The Voice by Julia Karpeisky is a personal and very real poem which depicts a journey that many of us take from the pain of thinking that something is wrong with us, to the exhilaration and peace of finding and following one’s own voice. The poem is performed in several locations carefully chosen to enhance the content. Participants are encouraged to follow in silence from one location to another. This allows for each segment of the poem to land and integrate within each person’s system. Usually this experience leaves people open, sometimes in tears, having deep insights.

(4) Labyrinth and guided walk back to the officePurpose: To begin accessing one’s wisdom; to learn how to best use their voices when speaking.Participants explore the question: “What area of my life/work needs me the most right now?” They can use their own question for their labyrinth walk. They learn voice techniques used by professional actors, and engage in an exercise where they learn that their voices have value, and that they have a duty to share them with the world.Participants discuss what came up for them during and after the performance, and after the labyrinth walk. The next question is: “If I were to truly lead from my voice, what impact would I have on that area of my life/work that needs me the most?”

(5) Peer coachingPurpose: To connect to self and others, to learn the value of giving and receiving help in a community, to create shifts.Peer coaching will take place at the outdoor patio in the facilitator’s office. Stretching and movement are integrated in the experience.

(6) ClosurePurpose: To create positive self regard, and connection with others, solidify the learning, and design next action.Ealy in the workshop participants will be invited to practice servant leadership. At the end, they could reflect on the barriers they have encountered when focusing on serving others as opposed to their own benefit.

Learning Intentions

For participants to emerge energized, contented and confident to engage with their worlds from a place of embodied conviction that their voice is valuable, and that others need it;

  • Embodied appreciation of the value of deep connection with others, self, and nature;
  • Safety and comfort in being open and vulnerable with others; asking for and offering help.

Quoting past participants:

“I’m leaving with more confidence to be me and not worry what other people may think.”“I learned that I am worthy of taking in help from others, that putting myself out into the world adds value and does not make me a selfish person.”

(2) TOOLS:
To provide tools for:

  • Moment-to-moment awareness of energy;
  • Regulation of their energy;
  • Collaborating with others, while staying connected to their own individuality;
  • Moving their bodies without having to go to class;
  • Preparing their physical and figurative voice prior to addressing an audience;
  • Awareness through engaging all senses;
  • Including logic, values, purpose, and intuition when making a decision.

Quotes from previous participants:

“I received tools and techniques to assist me on my journey of discovering a purposeful life.”
“A better way to lead is to ask curious questions and to gain an understanding of the other person’s perspective.”

To create clarity about:

  • What areas of their lives/work need their leadership the most;
  • What impact they wish to have there.

Quoting past participants: 

“I have a renewed energy to make impactful change at work and a home, I’ve let go of a lot of guilt I’ve been holding on to.”


Julia Karpeisky

Julia Karpeisky, MCC, M.A., M.S, is an executive coach, an author and a Russian interpreter. She works with C-Suite leaders committed to making a positive change by taking a stand for their communities, values and beliefs. She facilitates communication at the highest levels of business and government, including for the US President at the Oval Office, and chairmen of all major oil companies. She is logical, intuitive, irreverent, and imperfect.

Nancy Sanchez, BFA Dance, is a Pilates and Anatomy Master Instructor/Faculty Member for one of the leading Pilates training organizations in the world. She takes special joy in infusing her years of dance, fitness, and classical music studies to help others find freedom in movement, and express themselves more fully.